Deras Recycling and Granule Manufacturing Industry will continue to work with great effort and perseverance that from the first day established without compromising quality. The sole purpose of our administrative staff as well as all personnel will be successful and will be the best. Quality and the foundation of success; right project, the right product with the right application believes that create applications form believes that that with the right product. In this respect, as quality policy we have adopted the following principles;

► To produce solutions that responding to customer needs with quality and manufacturing standards

► To ensure the participation of all employee at each level

► To offer reliable products to our customers in conformity with the most reasonable price and the superior quality

► To produce High efficiency, high quality and low cost products. to ensure The health, safety, today and tomorrow of employees

► To ensure The health, safety, today and tomorrow of employees

► In line with the principle of transparent management; constantly to keep fit information, sharing responsibility with the authorized team spirit.