About Us

The initial conditions of the recycling industry in our country is known to be predicated on the 90s. At the time, seen as waste’s packaging waste in our country, it was recognized from past to present has become industry by getting noticed a major value. Progressively developing recycling by releasing both EU Integrated Environmental Approximation Strategy (NES) as well as other legislation, spreading out different parts of the country, has entered into a process of institutionalization through institution. To provide the highest quality service to the insurance industry, Erman DEMİR established an insurance company MED ÇÖZÜM INSURANCE Gaziantep in 2006, who continues its development with new investments in new markets, new companies add to this his insurance company operates in many provinces of Turkey. Recycling formations; increasing demand for recycled products are strucked by our company founder, Er M.man DEMİR, who entered the market as family DERAS in 2014. The most important criteria for a successful brand that to carry the brand identity by entered after the first activities in new areas and we see this as reflecting a common brand image. In Gaziantep, buying and sale of plastic waste, filings, waste sacks with starting our trip that continues to production in the desired color, the desired flexibility manufacturing commercial granular materials with capacity of 30 tonnes per day. It also carries out its business with all kinds of plastic raw materials trading. In addition to the manufacture of all types of granular raw plastic and original, “takoz” “çapak” “kırma” called as waste production that we make the purchase and sale of plastic raw material. Our activities that is certified by the T. C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We started way our belief that we will do recycling better than anyone else. We believe that everything we make people's future and happiness at the experimental stage. We regard that waste properly without harm to the environment, reevaluation of recovery system and the necessity of disposal as the end point as humanity as venerable a duty. Deras, bearing in mind that the world re-established every day; in this process, constantly explores the growth opportunities, is making plans to increase productivity, support innovation.